Wednesday, 30 May 2012

My brand

here is a slide show of my band logo, business cards and my website The website for now is but is soon to be once I have sorted out the domain space... [watch this space]

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Portfolio PDF

Here is the portfolio pdf that I have been using to send out to studios to show them my work, and is what I included when contacting studios for interviews for my Design Context book, just so I didn't seem like a randomer. This however, is going to change soon due to now having photographed everything for my FMP, I haven't had the chance to change this yet before hand it but it will change soon and also my portfolio will change with the inclusion of some projects. My Portfolio

Friday, 25 May 2012

Friday, 18 May 2012

My Business Cards

I decided to laser cut my business card again as the text was quite hard to read being silver metallic, so I decided to instead use a stamp. The burn is shown quite obviously with it begin on white, so before the EOY Show I may look for a new stock a redo them: PPD Business Cards

EOY Show Proposal

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

EOY Show Proposal Crit - Feedback

Feedback from the crit was that my proposal was promoting the brand Cavello Row and not actually myself, and that it should be more about branding myself.

I was told to consider proposing to display various images of my work to give more of an idea of what I am about, or even to have an IMac on display with a showreel of my work.

I need to remember that the main aim of the show is to get people wanting to look at my portfolio.

Monday, 14 May 2012

EOY Show Ideas

I had the idea of using my Jewellery Branding brief (Cavello Row) as as way of attracting attention at the EOY Show. This could include packaging for the jewellery, tags and bag, logo, illustrations.

It shows my interest in branding, but not sure if it is showing enough of a range. I will see what feedback I get in the my EOY Show proposal crit...

Here are some mock up of what I imagined it could be like:

Saturday, 12 May 2012


After taking some advice from the portfolio surgeries in January, I got around to re-photographing some of my work from the first module to get my projects looking as good as possible. I also have an interview for a placement at AllGood creative so I wanted my portfolio to look good.

Here are the pages I changed:

Open publication - Free publishing - More portfolio

Really like the new images, and can't wait to add my FMP projects.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Design Strategy Presentation

Had the design strategy presentation today, which I think went well. I have a rough plan of what I want to do when I leave university, but obviously things aren't set in stone as other opportunities may become available between now.

I started the presentation with defining my position statement, as it basically sums up what I am about and what I am interested in. During the first module of the third year I knew that branding was something that I wanted to learn more about and do more of, but it was only toward the end of that module that I realised the sectors I am interested most by are fashion, luxury and lifestyle, and my FMP projects have allowed me to peruse this interest by focusing down to specifics, creating brand identities, promotion and publication.

The briefs I have chosen over the year have allowed me to select subjects that I like and I have also utilised print processes such as screen print, foiling laser cut and binding, as aesthetics and attention to detail is important for designing for the luxury factor to make products look and feel luxury. I have had the chance been involved with live briefs: logo for 1000 Women, Fine Art Yearbook, identity for Fashion Designer, and I have also pitched ideas for: Waven logo and brand concept, Louise Tiler logo, St Martin's logo brand identity, D&AD GBH poster, LCA End of Year Show, and I have also created designs for the LCA Graduation promotional material of which I am going to re-photograph and then pitch to the marketing department as an idea for this years Graduation Ceremony. All of these briefs have been relatively quick turnaround briefs that have got me thinking up concepts quickly and have got me designing and working to tight deadline, which I feel has helped in preparing me for working in industry. Some have not been chosen by the client, but I have still enjoyed pursuing these briefs to be in with the chance of my ideas begin chosen. If I didn't try, then I wouldn't get anywhere. I just need to persist.

At the start of the year I set out to improve my skills and feel I now more confident in contacting designers and studios, I have improved my Adobe software skills, I have the ability to work to deadlines producing high standard resolution, I have a professional attitude whilst working with clients and being abel to produce resolution that solve their problems, and I now have knowledge of who I am as a designer and know what I am capable of doing. I also have been able to project manage a lot better over the FMP project having to juggle 6 main briefs. An essential skill for working in industry

Regarding my self identity, I have decided on a logo that I love and have already created business cards incorporating the logo through lazer-cut which I feel worked really nicely. I would like to get these produced in higher quality on better stock and maybe with coloured edges. I am not sure about the costing of this, but I would be able to get a stamp with my contact details and apply them myself to possibly cut out actual printing cost.

I have yet to set up a website with my domain name to direct people to, and hopefully get my name out there and strike up opportunities.

My placement with ISC, was an opportunity to work in house a part of a brand, and I enjoyed the experience, begin abel to work on live briefs creating artwork that was used for a capping of theirs. Having to work to deadlines meant ideas generation and concept had to be thought up quickly and then produced to specific scales in various formats. The company is growing and even though the main studio is in Australia were all the designers are, and the one in Leeds is an office, they are wanting to take on board some designers and build it up more at the Leeds site. This could be a potential opportunity for the future as they would like designers there over summer. The office environment meant there was a lack of creative atmosphere to bounce ideas off other designers, and also of studio equipment, but if they were to hire designers a suspect that that would change.

To compare this experience with the placement I did at PAB I would say they were totally different on every level. I got an insight into all aspects of the company and not just the studio, but actually seeing briefs from initial meeting sight through to production and delivery. It was eye opening to see the amount of work produced in such a relatively short amount of time, but I know that speed will come with confidence and experience. The clients are mainly automotive here, which would not be my first choice of market to design for but I enjoyed the experience and getting involved with a real, busy working studio.

The Design Context publication has allowed me to get into contact with studios that are doing what I would like to do, and to ask questions and get opinions from some of the best in their field. I will try to keep up contact with them and send versions of the design context publication to them to let them know how I portrayed their answers. And i will ask them for portfolio advice.

I haven't decided if I am going to stay in Leeds or Manchester. I am going back home when I leave uni, so Manchester would be the most ideal. I have found studios in both Leeds and Manchester that I am going to send portfolio samples out to once everything from FMP is final and photographed, and to try and push for placements for over the summer. Job opportunities will be the decider of where I will live.

And finally, and great piece of advice from Paul Arden, 'It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be'.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Self Promotion - Website

I got my cargo site up and running so I have a platform to put up my work for others to see. It also is somewhere I can now direct people to if they would like to see my work.

The link is:

This is how it looks:

 The projects pages pop up in a separate box with a slideshow of the images and a brief summary of the project.

The projects included at the moment are:
-Fedrigoni Imaginative Colours - YCN brief
-Firefly Restaurant - self initiated
-M&S Plan A - YCN brief
-LCA Graduation - self initiated - pitch
-Devilicious Ice-Cream parlour - self initiated

I will add more projects from my FMP once they are completed, but for now I have included a good range of different briefs.